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Auberge de Tamezret Logo

At the Auberge, not only the design of our kitchen is different.
The products we use are coming directly from the producer and you can follow their journey to your dish.

Discover original tunisian recipes from grandmother's cooking books that you will not find at the classic touristy places.

Our half-board includes an extensive breakfast and dinner served in our unique dining-room  with a 4-course meal.

And for those who rediscover our specialty meals at home, we offer monthly culinary classes!


A Home is made of many rooms
To rest, to sleep, to shower

To play, and read, and talk a lot,

do hobbies by the hours

But the Kitchen, ah, the Kitchen

is a room that's made of dreams

of fantasies... created by

a love of cooking schemes

to touch, to smell, to visualize

the wonders that occur...

and then to taste, and then to taste

results of things that were

at one time just "ingredients"

in their places on the shelves

but become a wondrous mixture

as though transformed by elves

Yes, a Home is made of many rooms

each one has it's pleasures


But the Kitchen is the best of all

For finding hidden treasures

Author: unknown

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