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Something New, Something Old

Something Different

Auberge de Tamezret Logo

Starting a full restoration in 2013, we decided to use a slightly different concept. A restaurant that offers fine dining, for the aficionado of the Tunisian Cuisine as well as the classic gourmet or gourmand, guest rooms in a classy, yet unostentatious style with a small contemporary touch.

At l'Auberge" everything is something and something is everything:
it’s where

  • we are mindful of the traveller’s needs and the well-being of our guests...

  • we focus on relating the experience of discovering a different culture and an exciting culinary experience

  • we pay close attention the service,  cleanliness and hygiene

A different Room

We made it our challenge to design the existing house in order to be able to offer our guests all different rooms:

 "Oumema", our suite composed out of 3 separate traditional rooms,   

"Toumadir", with a breathtaking view from its large terrace

​  "Dahya" a cavern, dug hundreds over years ago into the hills of Tamezret.

A different Cuisine

What should it be?  Traditional local cuisine? International dishes? Or some finer dining? Or even a blend of all the above?Our kitchen has been designed to offer our guests a view of our preparations...

And for those who like to cook while on vacation, we offer culinary classes.

A different Feeling

No planes, no trains, no automobiles. At the "Auberge" you will feel out of this world. xxxxxxxxxx

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