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Our new post-COVID measures

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

The safety and wellbeing of our guests and associates has always been a top priority for us.

In light of the recent COVID-19 situation, we are implementing extra precautionary measures throughout our Guest House, such as requiring associates to wear masks, higher frequencies int cleaning of the public spaces and taking body temperature checks at all entrances. If you would like to know more about how we want to ensure your security, check-out our COVID protocol:

COVID-19 Protection Protocol

at l’Auberge de Tamezret

Basic Rules

  1. 1. All persons at l’Auberge have to wash their hands regularly.

  2. 2. We will make sure that all guests will be able to respect the minimum safety distances at all times.

  3. 3. All coworkers and guests will keep a security distance of 2 meters. For tasks that require a shorter distance, the persons involved will fulfill those task within the shortest time and taking appropriate security measures.

  4. 4. All surfaces and tools are cleaned at regular intervals and in a adequate manor after each use, especially if different persons are in contact with these surfaces/tools.

  5. 5. All personnel and guests are informed about the applicable security measures.

  6. 6. All measures are implemented by the management to ensure the effectiveness of the security protocol.

Staff Hygiène

  • All staff has to wash their hands regularly.

  • All personnel has to take their temperature at the beginning and the end of each shift and will fill out the corresponding data sheet CO-TMP.

  • Staff will place their outside clothing in the appropriate space and sterilize them immediately.

  • In case of cough or sneeze, do so in in the appropriate manner, using a paper tissue and dispose of immediately into the closed bins..

  • Keep your safety distance to other people

  • Avoid touching your ears, nose or eyes.

Hand Hygiène.

  • All public lavatories are equipped with hands-free faucets. Anti-bacterial soap is available at all sinks. The soap dispensers are to be disinfected after each use. Paper towels and covered bins are available in all areas.

  • All personnel and guests present at l’Auberge will wash their hands regularly with water and soap, especially when entering the premises as well as before and after any task. If this is not possible, disinfecting gel has to be used.

Occupation Policy

  • All reservations have to be confirmed in writing confirming the total amount of guests, including children.

  • Walk-ins will not be accepted including suppliers or visitors.

  • The maximum capacity at l’Auberge has been reduced to 2x2 or 1x4 guests.

Guest Check-In

  • Agency representatives (driver, guide) have to wear a face mask before entering the premises.

  • Keep the minimum safety distance of 2 meters at all times

  • Avoid physical welcome gestures

  • Take guests body temperature and write down on check-in sheet

  • Offer masks to guests and point out the use of the lavatory

  • Ask for permission to radiate luggage with UV-C.

  • Keep a sufficient number of pens at disposal and disinfect after each use.

Meal Services

  • All meals are scheduled according to our guests wishes between 19:00 and 20:00hrs for dinner and between 06:00 and 10:00hrs for breakfast.

  • The dining room is being disinfected by UV-C light before and after each service.

  • Place settings will meet the safety distance requirements.

  • Dinner will be served plated.

  • Shared dinner dishes (kemia) will be presented for each party individually.

  • Shared breakfast items (butter, cheese & cold cuts, jams, …) Les plats communs au petit déjeuner (beurre, confitures, charcuteries et fromages, ….) will be presented for each party individually.

  • Spices and condiments (salt/pepper, oil and vinegar) are solely available on request and have to be disinfected before and after each use. The are available in sufficient numbers for each party.

  • All items present on the table are to be considered used and have to be washed according to our standard procedures.

  • Hand washing is mandatory after bussing each course.

  • All linen is to be placed in a separate laundry bag after meal service.

Common Areas

  • All closed spaces are treated with UV-C light before and after each service and at least every morning and evening.

  • All open spaces are cleaned and disinfected every day in the early morning and at night. Available pillows are sterilized by UV-C light after each use.

  • Miscellaneous articles like newspapers, brochures, business cards will not be be publicly available. These items will be available on request only and disinfected before and after each use.

  • Rest Rooms: as per our standard cleaning protocol, our toilets are cleaned each morning before breakfast, after each use and at the end of shift. In addition, the faucets and soap dispensers will be disinfected after each use. The toilet seats will be covered with the “disinfected” tape after each cleaning.

Guest Rooms

See Work Sheets HK 001 - Check List Nettoyage Chambres et HK 002 - Check List Nettoyage SDB

This Protocol is in Addition to our

Standard Cleaning Protocol HK-PNS

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